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Danielle MacDonald

Danielle MacDonald has always been an advocate for complementary health care and natural wellness.  Her interest was sparked as a teenager while experiencing chronic back pain due to several contributing factors.  After experimenting with several different medical and alternative treatments, she found that the right mix of chiropractic care and massage therapy was, and still is, very helpful.  

The first time she experienced Reflexology and its benefits was in 2007 while living abroad in Asia when a friend suggested she try it for pain management.  After the first treatment she was amazed at not only the decrease in back pain, but the long list of benefits she experienced including better sleep, improved digestion, increased energy and an overall sense of relaxation.  She was hooked.

During the next year she learned more about its history, benefits, and different types of Reflexology through workshops and research both in China and Thailand, and then Europe.  Upon arriving home to Canada she knew what career path to in natural wellness!  She then studied at the Ontario College of Reflexology and has now been practicing as a Certified Foot Reflexologist since 2012.  To further her knowledge in the field of preventative medicine, in 2014-2015 she studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She loves her work and hopes many more people will discover the amazing benefits of this healing therapy!

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